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Morgana Browne

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About Morgana

Morgana Browne

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Morgana Lynette Alice Browne is a young woman of Sharlayan decent, born to a teacher and a chirurgeon. She spent the first years of her life, living in New Sharlayan, until the Garlean forces pushed the denizens of the settlement to abandon it and return to their motherland.

She and her parents settled in a small farming village, not far from the city. Morgana's mother, Lynette, taught the younglings of the village everything she could. Morgana's father, Kayne, on the other hand, would take care of those who were ill with such skill and effectiveness, he earned himself a reputaition that would bring those from neighbouring settlements to be treated, and, on occasion, he would be summoned to the city to take care of special cases once in a while.

When Morgana reached the age of sixteen, she was fortunate enough to secure herself a place at The Studium, where she went and studied all manner of things, focusing mostly on classes relating to arcanima and astromancy, having had a fondness for both arts since she was young. She would take what extra classes she could and did dip into a few other fields to sate her thirst for knowledge. The more she learned, the more she realised she could not learn everything, but that only made her determined to learn as much as she could. She made a good many friends while there, including a red-haired miqo'te, possessed of two-toned eyes like herself, and a pair of very young elezen, who were exceptionally bright and skilled for their age.

Upon returning from the Studium, Morgana took up a post at her father's clinic, and would be left in charge should he have to go to the city. Over her time there, her ability as a healer grew, but some people would often still come to her to have their fortunes read from the deck of sixty. She would also endeavor to aid her mother in the classroom when she was not needed in the clinic. She would do whatever jobs were required of her to keep both her parents sane.

Throughtout her time living in the village, she became very close to a young hyur boy called Mordred Ravenholme. The two were close friends and would do everything they could together, including attend the Studium. He taught her some of the more outdoors-y things she has done, including the survival tricks he knew. His father was a travelling merchant and would on occasion take his son with him to all kinds of far-flung places. Mordred was bitten with the desire to see more as a result, and the stories Morgana's parents told her left her wanting to go and explore too. However, Morgana felt it was her duty to work at the clinic and was reluctant to leave that behind.

Four and a half years after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, Mordred made up his mind to travel and explore Eorzea, hoping to learn more of the arts of the blade that he had become so enamoured with on his journeys with his father. It was only a few painful months of longing and several nudges from her parents before Morgana packed her bag and set off after him, determined to have her own stories to tell him when she found him. And thus, about five years after she awoke to see the destruction wrought by Bahamut, did she catch a boat and head to Limsa Lominsa to see it for herself.

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About Morgana

(Still a work in progress)

Kiral Amoi, Destiny's Grace of the Convocation of Fourteen; her name was Venus. The first star to shine and the last to fade. She shines with the light of the sun as she walks along side the moon.

Her soul was bright, always glistening, shifting between hues of pink and blue. Hades and Hythlodaeus would often liken it to an opal.

Guidelines and Rules

  • I am open to writing with OCs and NPCs alike.

  • I tend to prefer serious or fluff roleplay.

  • My DMs on Twitter and Tumblr are open for plotting. I like to converse as we play, to make sure we are both always on the same page, especially if there is tension between our characters.

  • I write in multiple verses. I have a community canon I work on with my friends at Silver Valkyrie. RPs I do on Twitter and Tumblr will tend to be in the own bubble verse, unless otherwise agreed.

  • Morgana has a partner ICly, and I wish to keep to a single partner across all verses. Friendships, on the other hand, I am always seeking to make.

  • I tend to be very detailed and descriptive with my writing, and it will reflect in my roleplay too.

  • I am normally most focused on the story and how it fits together and flows, and this will affect the way I plot.

  • I am happy to write with dark and erotic themes, however would ask that you not spring them on me completely out of the blue. Any and all NSFW RP will be confined to private messages or servers.

  • There will be spoilers; you have been warned if you have not yet finished the content.

Silver Valkyrie Events

Silver Valkyrie Events is a community for roleplayers based on Light datacentre. Originally started as a community independant from a free company, one was created in its name on 17th September 2017, and the estate in Ward 9 of Mist was acquired shortly afterwards. Since, it has grown into a very happy family of roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike. It is also home to The Crystal Crown Cafe; a maid and butler cafe for the denizens of Hydaelyn.

The members of the community also have a community canon, where there are multiple Warriors of Light who work together with the Scions. More details can be found on the canon wiki.

The community is primarily on the Discord server linked on the left. You do not have to be a member of our free company in order to get involved with the fun we have.

Stories of Morgana

Adventures in Eorzea

Tales of the Dragonsong War

External to Canon

Life on the Motherland

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The Seventh Astral Era

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The Road to Revolutions

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The War

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One Brings Shadow, One Brings Light

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The main verse that I play Morgana in with my friends in-game. This verse is one where there are multiple Warriors of Light who all work alongside one another.

The version of Morgana I will tend to play on Twitter, as this is easiest to slot around other players characters. The characters that effect her timeline specifically are limited and I will avoid bringing up other charaters as best I can, unless they are related to MSQ or are tied to her motivations (ie: her parents and her late husband).

This verse assumes that Morgana did not become a warrior of light. She still had training as an astrologian and arcanist from the Studium (but did not branch into Summoner and Scholar) and still learned healing from her father. She still has the echo, but not to the same power level. I only play this version of Morgana if it is specifically planned ahead of time.

  • Vell R'ius (as played by @RiusVhell) - Morgana and Vell met early in Morgana's travels; both use arcane magicks, and met at the Arcainist's Guild in Limsa Lominsa. However, most of their early meetings were short; it was not until Morgana and her friends were due to face off against Leviathan that Vell joined the party proper.

  • Dawn Evergrace ( as played by @DawnEvergrace)

  • Myst Fulgur (as played by @MFulgur)

  • Mis'to Raesthe - Morgana's boyfriend (as of post 5.2)

  • Alphinaud Leveilleur (as played by @academician_txt) Morgana had the pleasure of meeting Alphinaud while both attended the Sharlayan Studium, and became fast friends. Morgana graduated at the end of Alphinaud's first year and the pair kept in contact via moogle mail while until both left, happenstancely, on the same boat bound for Limsa Lominsa.

  • Lynette Browne - Morgana's mother

  • Kayne Browne - Morgana's father

  • Mordred Ravenholme - Morgana's late husband. He was sent on a secret undercover mission which he was unable to share the details of for everyone involved. He is believed to have died at Garlean hands. This happened not long after the Dragonsong War.

  • Alphinaud

  • Alisaie

  • Y'shtola

  • Urianger

  • Thancred

  • Minfilia

  • Haurchefaunt

  • Ysayle

  • Estinien

  • Emet Selch

  • Ryne

About Me

Morgana Browne

Nickname: Mitsuki
Age: 29
Location: UK

Hey! I figured that is was worth adding a little bit extra about me and what I do OOC.

I've played FFXIV since February 2016 and have been running my own free company, Silver Valkyrie, since September 2017. The organisation, which existed prior to the FC, is based on Lich and focuses on running events and encouraging roleplay on Light data centre. The community was recently featured in volume 22 of GPOSER magazine.

Outside of roleplay, I am the scholar of The Nightwardens static raid team. If you are interested on how we are doing, you can tune in to ZeplaHQ on Twitch on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to catch us having fun.

I help administrate the Lich Server Congress; a collection of Free Companies from Lich server who strive to make Lich a great place to play.

I am also the curator of The Submarine Information Thread on the FFXIV official forums.

Outside of FFXIV, I enjoy tabletop gaming and roleplay, writing and making jewellery - check out @MitsukiMakes for more information.